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Cementing Success in Canada

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How does an established, leading US-based concrete manufacturer bolster its position in the Canadian market? By acquiring a large and successful North American pipe and precast company with an esteemed reputation in Canada, Rinker Materials strategically tapped into new markets, expanded its product portfolio, and enhanced its geographical reach, positioning itself for sustained growth and reinforced longevity. Rinker Materials Canada, newer but broadly acclaimed in the construction industry, epitomizes durability, innovation, and customer-centricity. Now a part of The Quikrete Companies, Rinker has been a leading manufacturer in the US for 60 years. The acquisition and incorporation of Forterra Pipe & Precast for $2.3 billion in March 2022 marked a significant milestone, amplifying Rinker’s North American presence, product diversity, and commitment to long-term solutions for customers.

At the helm of Rinker Materials Canada is Vice President Shane Egan, leading a dynamic team of professionals. The technical resource team, sales team, and manufacturing workforce collaborate seamlessly to ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With four plants in Cambridge, one in Ottawa, and one is St. Eustache, PQ, Rinker’s team is strategically positioned to serve customers in Ontario, Quebec, and beyond. “Rinker made a strategic decision in acquiring Forterra,” says Egan. “With the support of The Quikrete Companies, Rinker has significantly expanded its presence in Canada.”

Many advantages contribute to Rinker Materials’ growth, including its extensive geographical footprint, offering a diverse range of precast and wet cast products including bridge spans, lining systems, pressure pipe, vertical structures, gravity flow pipe, box culverts, and more. The company’s technical expertise and commitment to customer service also set it apart from competitors. With a focus on shipping processes and customer support, Rinker delivers a seamless experience for customers.

While primarily serving Eastern Canada, Rinker Materials has undertaken projects in Western Canada and overseas, showcasing the versatility and quality of its products. The company’s ability to cater to diverse project needs with an excellent TRE (technical resource engineers) team, strategic plant locations, and exceptional service, has underpinned its reputation for an excellent customer experience among contractors and project managers.

“With the support of The Quikrete Companies, Rinker has significantly expanded its presence in Canada.”

Rinker Materials’ recent investment in a new wet cast facility demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation and growth. Built during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project faced its own set of challenges with issues stemming from supply-chain interruptions and permitting snafus, but this facility has not only filled a gap in Rinker’s portfolio but has also created jobs and enhanced its product offerings.

“We invested millions of dollars in the new wet cast facility,” says Egan. “But the benefit to our customers is immense. We can now deliver excellent products like CON/SPAN bridge systems saving our clients time, money.

Rinker Materials played a crucial role in the Ashbridges Bay Outfall Tunnel project, a pivotal initiative in Toronto’s efforts to improve water management and treatment. As one of the oldest and largest sewage treatment plants in Toronto, the facility faced challenges with insufficient capacity, leading to wastewater discharge into Lake Ontario. The City of Toronto initiated a $3 billion project to address these issues, selecting Rinker through a joint venture with CSI Tunnel Systems Canada LTD (“CSITS”). The choice was influenced by Rinker’s proximity to the project location in Whitby and CSITS’ expertise in producing specialized tunnel segments. Rinker’s contribution included supplying tunnel liners, through the joint venture, and manhole sections, ensuring the protection of the risers and contributing to the cleanup of Toronto’s waterways. This project marked a significant milestone in Toronto’s stormwater management program, underscoring Rinker’s commitment to infrastructure solutions.

Another recently completed project is the McTavish pumping station initiative. Constructed between 1928 and 1949, the McTavish Reservoir is a critical component of the water infrastructure system in the City of Montreal and a historically significant building. This facility provides drinking water to over 1.25 million residents and has been slated for a major rehabilitation project that is expected to last nearly 10 years. The current efforts focus on modernizing all equipment through the replacement of multiple pipe from 900-1500mm diameter, while preserving the historical integrity of the building. “We were able to value engineer the project in suggesting the use of Testable joints on all the pipe allowing for immediate confirmation of water tightness of the pipeline. The project highlights the sophisticated level of engineering and quality products Rinker concrete pressure pipe offers. Together while providing engineering support as well as quality field service, the contractor and the city are very satisfied with the outcome.” Rinker’s participation in these consequential projects is, in large part, a result of strong and robust industry relationships, notable technical expertise, a track record of delivering innovative and effective concrete products, and a convenient foothold within the project area.

These projects, characterized by their complexity and scale, showcase Rinker’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions for critical infrastructure needs.

As Rinker celebrates its 60th anniversary, its longevity can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to quality, trust, and innovation. Being a part of the Quikrete organization has also contributed to Rinker’s success, providing it with the resources and expertise needed to thrive in a competitive industry. Rinker Material’s President, John Finch, recognizes the people at the core of the Rinker organization and the dedication they deliver every day. He credits this commitment to Rinker’s resilience and ongoing success. “Our people are the heart and soul of our company, embodying the very essence of our organization. They are the driving force behind our success, and it is their passion, dedication, and diverse talents that propel us forward. We recognize that it is our people who innovate, collaborate, and work tirelessly to meet our goals and exceed our customers’ expectations, and that is something I am proud of. We firmly believe that our people are not just employees; they are the lifeblood of Rinker.”

Rinker Materials Canada is positioned for a future marked by sustained growth and innovation, driven by a clear strategic vision. The company’s recent acquisitions and forays into untapped Canadian markets underscore its commitment to expansion and customer-centricity. By prioritizing these initiatives, Rinker Materials aims to not only broaden its reach but also enhance its service offerings to better meet the evolving needs of its clientele. The foundation of Rinker’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to trust, quality, and innovation, values that have cemented its reputation as a leader in the concrete manufacturing industry. As it continues to build on these strengths, Rinker Materials is well equipped to carve out a path of continued excellence and relevance in the years to come.

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