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In the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, a remarkable construction company is building its reputation as a formidable partner in the federal market space. With an unwavering commitment to delivering innovative custom-built solutions for complex and safety-critical projects on time and on budget, Pinnacle Construction & Development Group has established that it has the tools necessary to compete for prestigious national agency contracts.

The company is built on a pioneering spirit. Founded in 2000 as a woman-owned construction business in a predominantly male space, Lynlee Altman built Maintenance Solutions Inc. (MSI), a company providing primarily exterior maintenance and commercial renovation solutions. With the progressive growth of MSI, Altman nurtured the evolution of Pinnacle Construction & Development Group. Partnering with Scott Minerd in 2011, this duo’s vision propelled the company to exponential growth and success. Altman retired in 2017 after selling Pinnacle to Minerd, but this full-service construction management company continues to thrive, delivering over $10 million in projects each year. So how did Pinnacle Construction gain such a strong foothold in the federal construction space?

“We have our eyes wide open as we approach each project.”

“I think our reputation as a construction partner who can get the job done right comes from our three-pronged approach,” says Scott Minerd, principal owner at Pinnacle. “First, we prioritize the project’s best interests, a commitment that may not always align with individual interests at Pinnacle or those of the end user. However, this approach consistently yields the most sustainable long-term projects and is firmly rooted in our Pinnacle Core Values.”

“Second, our comprehensive understanding of FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) guides our collaboration with government representatives, ensuring strict adherence to policies and procedures, encompassing detailed specifications, the Buy American Act, and everything in between.”

“And finally, we have our eyes wide open as we approach each project: we have contingencies for our contingencies.”

This impeccable modus operandi establishes and nurtures the relationships that drive Pinnacle’s continued growth in the federal construction sector. A quick look at its client roster highlights its work with some of the federal government’s most prolific agencies including the National Park Service, the United States Air Force, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and the General Services Administration (GSA), the single largest developer in the country. With each completed project, Pinnacle has cemented its position as an organization committed to quality, budget, and timelines creating the opportunity to be involved in increasingly noteworthy projects.

Pinnacle Construction: A Stellar Reputation

This reputation is evident in Pinnacle’s partnership with NASA on several exciting initiatives, specifically at NASA Glenn Research Center’s Lewis Field in Cleveland and the Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky, Ohio. In addition to projects like the H2 Transformer Rewind, 10×10 Corrosion Protection and Abatement, and Critical Water Meters, Pinnacle is playing a critical design-build role for the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT).

NEAT represents an advanced initiative in the field of aeronautics and sustainable aviation. This revolutionary project focuses on the development and testing of electric and hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for aircraft. With the aviation industry’s growing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to cleaner, more efficient propulsion systems, the NEAT project is at the forefront of innovation. It serves as a vital platform for researching and validating electric propulsion technologies that have the potential to revolutionize air travel. With the development of a testbed for these emerging technologies, NASA aims to accelerate the transition towards electric aircraft, fostering a greener, more sustainable future for aviation while ensuring that safety and performance standards are met. Pinnacle’s role in this project includes the relocation of the existing testbed and supporting equipment, and the implementation of associated building infrastructure and power modifications that will make NASA’s ground-breaking work possible.

Its ongoing involvement in the NEAT project has played a pivotal role in solidifying Pinnacle Construction’s reputation as an industry leader, showcasing its ability to handle complex, cutting-edge initiatives and adapt to the evolving needs of the federal space. By partnering with NASA on this pioneering endeavor, Pinnacle Construction has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in service.

With every project it is awarded, Pinnacle focuses on providing an elevated customer experience. “We don’t focus on the negative of a problem. We strive for solutions,” says Minerd. “Our team is excited by ideas, by new ways of looking at construction, and we are creating more opportunities to work with clients that also have that mindset”.

The Pinnacle team is central to the company’s ability to deliver excellence. “Every member of the Pinnacle team plays a crucial role in our success. Their passion for construction, commitment to excellence, and collaborative spirit are the pillars of our achievements. We strive to create an environment that fosters creativity and encourages new ideas, allowing our team to stay ahead of industry trends,” says Minerd. “Their dedication goes beyond the job site; it’s a commitment to building lasting relationships with clients and ensuring that every project reflects the high standards and values that define Pinnacle Construction.”

By fostering strong relationships built on quality and vision, the team at Pinnacle wants to do four things: deliver on budget, deliver on time, exceed expectations for quality, and through these measures, inspire each client to become a raving fan. “It is because we have worked hard to impress all stakeholders on a project with our commitment to safety, professionalism, and experience, that we can continue to be the go-to provider of effective and resourceful construction services. We are dedicated to exclusively operating within the FAR moving forward, aiming to foster an ongoing collection of raving fan clients,” says Minerd.

The Future of Pinnacle Construction

Pinnacle’s mission is a simple one, yet it is critical to its ongoing success and growth. With the completion of each project, the company strives to improve and has a rigorous self-assessment process. “The vision for Pinnacle is always one of continuous improvement and innovation,” says Minerd. With an eye to the future, it fortifies its workforce with the industry’s best: the visionaries, the ambitious, and the meticulous to continue to be a formidable competitor in the federal workspace. “We are not a solution for everyone,” says Minerd. “But for those organizations looking for solid, imaginative, and effective results, Pinnacle has the formula. In today’s world, the expectation extends beyond timely delivery, cost efficiency, and top-notch quality. We introduce a fourth dimension— the experience throughout the journey. This additional aspect is the catalyst for Pinnacle’s passion in cultivating raving fan clients.”

Pinnacle Construction & Development Group’s extensive work with NASA on the NEAT project is a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. As it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the construction industry, its future shines bright. Its experience in the federal space, especially its work with NASA, positions it as a leader in the field. “Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and our ability to undertake distinctive projects beyond conventional norms position us for continued success and leadership in the construction industry,” says Minerd.

With a growing emphasis on sustainability in all sectors, Pinnacle Construction is well-poised to play a significant role in future federal projects that focus on emerging energy-efficient construction and environmental responsibility, both on the ground in Ohio, and across whatever new, uncharted frontiers may present themselves.

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