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For many, the concept of a family-owned business is one of stability and quiet contentment; an entity that works to its strengths with collaboration at its core. Be under no illusion, with DiMarco Constructors, a fourth-generation general contractor that has been in business for over a century, this is most certainly true. However, that is just the start of it. It is a full-service construction company that offers “traditional design-build, construction management, general construction and preconstruction services.” The company also works with clients in hybrid project delivery arrangements such as design-assist. Evidently, this is an organization that takes care of every conceivable aspect of a project on behalf of its customers.

In addition to this diversity, the company is part of the DiMarco Group; a suite of companies that cover everything from supply and sales to real estate. This rich experience that stretches right across the industry ensures that clients and partners can work with a company that can, quite literally, do it all. According to Tony Soprano, Vice President of Preconstruction Services, this offers an unrivalled level of expertise and services. “We are very different from other General Contractors because we truly can do it all. We can develop it, build it, manage it, maintain it; everything.” This, it must be said, is not just an empty promise. DiMarco Constructors has, at its disposal, a range of services to cover every conceivable need to bring a project to reality. As Tony explains, these services are provided based on the individual client’s needs. “We can satisfy any customer based on their needs. If they have a development need, we have those services. If they have a construction need, property management, anything. We have all those services available to our clients.”  

By being able to offer such an array of services to the customer, DiMarco is in an incredibly strong position within the market. However, with such a wide range of divisions, is the company at risk of being a jack-of-all-trades? Tony acknowledges that, for another company, this could a genuine concern. However, this diversity is definitely considered to be a strength and is part of the plan that was devised over half a century ago. “John DiMarco Sr. our current Chairman, started branching out. Firstly, he expanded into the development side of the industry, and then into the equipment side. He definitely had the foresight to see to see how diversity was going to be the key to success in the future.” Furthermore, as Tony explains, those within DiMarco Constructors have the awareness needed to ensure that every process and project is assessed and planned meticulously. Contrary to some of its competitors, the company takes on projects because they are a good fit, rather than only focusing on the paycheck. “We are not a volume-based company. We look for customers, we don’t look for projects. We want repeat business because our business model is to look for partners in the business. We are truly a partnership group.”

As current Chair of the ABC, Empire State Chapter, Tony is keenly aware of the importance of having reliable, professional, and talented people at every level of a project. With involvement that runs throughout the jobsite, from planning to completion, it is important that the company can stand over the quality it guarantees its customer. As Tony explains, the company services a large geographical area and, as such, requires the reliability that comes from hiring local workers of the highest pedigree. “When we go into an area, we prequalify subcontractors using ABC services as our resource. That means that if we go out of town, we send local representatives to manage the project and we backfill it with local people. So, for a project anywhere up and down the East Coast, it will have quality workers and will always have local representation from our home office. That’s really where we keep our consistency and how we meet our responsibilities as contractors to all our customers.”

“As current Chair of the ABC, Empire State Chapter, Tony is keenly aware of the importance of having reliable, professional, and talented people at every level of a project.”

This link to ABC means more than just access to workers, however. DiMarco Constructors is deeply proud that it is an Accredited Quality Contractor with ABC. This accreditation ensures that customers can be safe in the knowledge that the company provides the highest quality construction services and meets all ABC quality and safety requirements. This, according to Tony, is not something that is acquired easily. However, he is deeply aware of its importance, particularly as a means of demonstrating the value the company places on workplace safety. “Safety is a high-quality requirement in order to become a quality contractor. You have to get references from architects, engineers, and customers. It is also important to have to have certain experience and safety ratings. It is a quality I sell to all our customers we are a Diamond Award winner for safety which really separates us from many other general contractors.”

Despite the huge success and track record DiMarco Constructors has developed, the company has not been immune from the challenges of the recent past. Indeed, supply chain issues have resulted in challenges for the company. Tony acknowledges that it is a problem that is affecting companies around the globe and, rather than complain, the importance is on ensuring that everything is being done to minimize the delays and difficulties for the end users. Luckily for those at DiMarco Constructors, the company is strong enough to make the necessary adaptations required to smooth over the majority of these challenges. “Securing materials in a timely fashion is a constant struggle. You cannot stop though. We have many projects in the pipeline and we need to just buy things earlier. We design-build a fair amount of our work so, thankfully, it gives us the flexibility to buy some early packages when they’re ready.”

Unsurprisingly for a family owned and run business, relationships are key. For those at DiMarco Constructors, this means that everyone in the company, from the top down, are visible and accessible. The benefits of this go far beyond mere optics, however. By being on-hand to inspect projects, relationships are cemented. For Tony, this brings an added value to the customer. “I visit all the job sites and we do our inspections; we meet with our customers. We are a very hands-on company. I mean, John DeMarco himself goes out onto the job sites. I can put anything on a piece of paper, and it looks great, but if we can’t build it, it doesn’t mean anything. We understand the value is out in the field and performing for our customers.”

For Tony, this focus on relationships is what truly sets DiMarco Constructors apart. This is a company that works collaboratively to ensure the project is delivered exactly as promised. As he reiterates, the relationship is key. “We control what we build and when we build it. I think the next three or five years will be controlled growth for us, and we will continue with what we have been doing; we will work with our strategic partners in strategic areas. We will do what we do best. I mean, like I said, we find partners, not projects.”

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