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Wisconsin is a state known for harsh winters and some extreme weather conditions, but also for its friendly people and strong sense of community. This may be the perfect location for a roofing and siding company with a heart of gold to find success. Established in 2006 by Jesse Chase as a residential roofing company, ARC specialized in helping homeowners navigate insurance claims for damage from hail storms and other calamities. Over time, the company has diversified its offerings, now providing exterior contracting solutions for both residential and commercial clients. While roofing remains its cornerstone, they have ventured into siding, windows, gutters, and are now offering solar and insulation as its client base begins to explore options for clean energy. This diversification not only positions ARC as a comprehensive exterior contracting hub but also fortifies its stance in the market, making them more resilient to industry fluctuations.

The ARC Contracting team today is 25 members strong with two distinct divisions (residential and commercial) and office support. ARC also works with a roster of trusted subcontractors who ensure each project is executed with ARC’s standard of care and quality. Servicing all of Wisconsin from its Neenah base, most of ARC’s projects are within a two-hour radius of the office. They have also undertaken projects in other states and on several military bases, showcasing the team’s adaptability and willingness to travel for the right project.

As the team has adapted to meet residential client’s evolving expectations, ARC has shifted to a service model that matches a single point of contact for each project ensuring that customers have a dedicated professional overseeing their needs from beginning to end, enhancing communication and accountability. One of the key initiatives is providing upfront pricing, eliminating the need for uncomfortable negotiations and ensuring transparency from the start. This customer-centric approach is embedded in ARC’s company culture, where employees are empowered to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Another more recent development in the customer service model is a reaction to the tougher economic climate of the day. ARC has partnered with several organizations to help clients get financing to get desperately needed repairs or new roofing done when they need it. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for serving its clients, ARC Contracting continues to set the standard for exceptional residential customer service in the construction industry.

The evolution on the commercial side of the business is focused on service and value. ARC Contracting has developed a maintenance program that helps clients leverage their investment with twice-yearly inspections and servicing. This mitigates seasonal damage and wear and tear, extending the lifespan of their roofs and safeguarding their investment so that their roofing system can last beyond the warranty, saving time and money. “We look for any kind of drainage issues making sure there’s no debris on the roof and inspecting all the sealants that are used over termination bars and any other metal work that’s been done on that roof by inspecting it before and after winter. If there is a storm in the area, we’ll go in and inspect for damage to make sure that the roof is still in good shape and can last. If there needs to be any work done, we can let them know right away so that they don’t wait to deal with expensive interior damage,” says Adam Reichenberger, Director of Commercial Division. “This also makes it easier for companies to budget for and manage regular annual maintenance costs.”

Taking care of the businesses in its service areas is not the only way ARC Contracting interacts with its neighbors. ARC is deeply committed to giving back to the community, and this dedication is a core value of its identity. Jesse Chase, the owner, emphasizes the importance of building relationships in Neenah, WI and beyond, “If people knew how much they could trust us, they’d never go with anyone else.” This commitment is not just lip service but a fundamental principle that guides ARC’s operations.

One of the ways the company supports the community is through its “ARC Gives Back” initiative. They purchased the rights to the Oshkosh Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament, which raised over $65,000 for various community projects. This event, while it ran, exemplifies ARC’s commitment to supporting local causes and organizations.

ARC is involved in several other community initiatives, such as sponsoring local sports teams and volunteering at sponsored events. They partner with the Oshkosh School District to support students in need, providing funding for the free and reduced lunch program for area students. ARC’s involvement goes beyond financial support; they actively foster a workplace culture of giving back to the communities that have helped them achieve success in the exterior contracting industry.

One of the most impactful projects is the Tiny House Village in Oshkosh, which provides safe, stable housing for homeless families. “Oshkosh Kids built 32 tiny homes for families in need in our community. There are other tiny villages in the US, but this is the first tiny house village in Wisconsin to offer stable housing to kids in the Oshkosh school district and their families,” says Devon Hudak, Executive Assistant at ARC. “I am proud to sit on the Oshkosh Kids board as a representative of ARC because this initiative also offers families education on life, financial, employability, and home management skills in a community development so they are positioned to move successfully into the future after their time in the village. This is exactly within ARC’s mandate to build strong and resilient communities.”

ARC donated the labor for the roof of the Community Center, demonstrating its commitment to making a tangible difference in the community. Through partnerships with organizations like the Oshkosh Kids Foundation, ARC helps families in need access essential services like clothing and haircuts and support initiatives to raise awareness and fight against bullying.

ARC’s community involvement extends beyond financial support; it is ingrained in the company culture. Employees are encouraged to bring forward causes they are passionate about (from sponsorship of a little league team to serving 400 hotdogs to the Boys and Girls Club), and ARC supports them in their efforts. This emphasis on giving back not only benefits the community but also strengthens morale and nurtures a sense of pride among employees. ARC Contracting’s commitment to the community is a testament to its values and ethos as a company. “Our team members don’t need to be incentivized to participate in these activities. It is just natural for us to want to give back to the communities that give us so much,” says Sam Jeffers, Residential Sales and Project Manager.

“These types of initiatives build morale,” says Andrew Luedtke, Commercial Sales and Project Management. “It makes everyone feel like they are part of something bigger than just taking a paycheck home at the end of the day.” By giving back in meaningful ways, they are not only making a positive impact on the lives of those in need but also building a stronger, more resilient community for the future.

The strong community partnerships can also be seen in some notable industry acknowledgements. ARC Contracting was recently awarded the 2 Star President’s Club Certification from GAF. “The GAF President’s Club recognizes roofing contractors who are dedicated to delivering their customers premier service and reliability,” says Jim Schnepper, President of GAF. “These awards shine a spotlight on the best of the best in the industry and we could not be prouder of this year’s winners.” This recognition bolsters ARC’s standing as one of the industry’s top performers.

“There are between 80,000 and about 10,000 roofing companies in the country and less than 200 of them are 2 Star President’s Club award winners. So, we are honored to receive recognition of this caliber. It is pretty significant for us, as a company, to be able to have earned that award as a team. We qualified by installing over 10,000 squares of shingled roofing last year alone”, says Eddie Holzem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

ARC Contracting is poised for remarkable growth as it navigates the evolving exterior contracting landscape. An unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction while remaining focused on its home territory in Wisconsin sets them apart. While they see their service area remaining stable, they are primed to venture into new territories such as solar installations. They continue to evolve their client offerings with emerging product advances and adaptive service models that continue to go beyond client expectations. This showcases ARC’s forward-thinking approach and readiness to embrace sustainable solutions. By staying ahead of evolving customer needs and industry trends, ARC Contracting strives to remain a trusted partner for homeowners, industry partners, and community stakeholders. As ARC continues to explore new horizons and refine its customer-centric practices, the future holds endless possibilities for this dynamic and forward-looking company.

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