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While many elements of society have changed over the past century, one consistency has remained in the business world. Providing a skilled service that is customer-focused and based on experience gives a company the best chance of longevity. Founded in 1910, Jones Sign is the epitome of this belief. As the go-to provider of signage, lighting and architectural solutions across multiple sectors, Jones Sign has built a reputation of expertise that is based on a solution-orientated approach.

The company was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Wisconsin. It has production facilities in Green Bay, Richmond, Virginia, and Mexico. While its name may suggest that signage is at its core, Jones Sign has developed its skill-set consistently over the years to provide a turn-key service. “The name is a bit of a misnomer,” says Rich Ongirski, Senior Vice President of Jones Sign’s sports division of the company’s moniker. “We do so much more than signage. Various acquisitions plus a reputation for quality and customer service have contributed to our continued growth over the years.”

This growth has seen Jones Sign rise to become a nationally recognized company, offering in-house services to its clients in everything from project managing, installation and fabrication, to design, drafting and engineering. “We provide a turnkey service, and handle everything from the design phase to manufacturing to installing and to servicing,” says Laura Myers, Director of Marketing at Jones Sign.

The ability to find solutions for its clients from the initial concept right through to completion is one that sets Jones Sign apart from its competitors. Its longevity and success are evidenced by the huge portfolio of high-profile work it has completed across the United States. In 2022 for example, the company partnered with the Los Angeles Football Club and Gensler in a design and build process to assist with the naming rights to the BMO Stadium for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles FC and the National Women’s Soccer League’s Angel City FC. In order to complete this project on time, the team was required to expedite its fabrication process, completing work within a six-week timeline. Installation included the simultaneous work of five on-site crews which enhanced efficiency and allowed for parallel work across various locations. The team was able to reduce overall completion time to two weeks, leveraging large cranes from inside the stadium to avoid traffic management and lane closures outside the stadium.

While unique light installations and large-scale naming opportunities provide boasting points and brand awareness, the company has thrived and survived through its reliable and professional service. Jones Sign has a roster of clients nationwide with the company often creating signage and strategy across multiple locations.

The Gateway project by Jones Sign at Wynwood in Miami

With over a century of knowledge and an ever-growing in-house skillset, clients receive creative and innovative solutions, no matter how complex their requirements. Recently, the company developed a custom, 180-mile-per-hour wind resistant steel frame and digital mesh in The Gateway project, at Wynwood in Miami. The $1.5M project was a prime example of the skill and collaborative strength of the company. “This project is truly one of a kind. Jones Architectural Creations designed and custom fabricated a rolling retention trolley and combined that with a specialized, remote-controlled crane to accommodate the unique conditions of this project. Through collaboration with the general contractor and architect of record Kobi Karp, Jones worked within the limitations to meet weight load requirements and crane capacity.” In addition to that, the company successfully completed work on the Field, Columbus, OH. The state-of-the-art façade comprised 51,858 square feet of perforated aluminum panels. The $319.9 million stadium venue boasting 460,000 square feet, 20,000 seating capacity, and a 12-acre public plaza.”

While the company can assist a client at any stage, its ability to manage a project from conception to completion is a vital element in its ongoing success. For Myers, collaboration and communication is of huge importance. “We always want to be part of that strategic conversation to understand how to bring the potential client’s product to life.” This ability has recently been bolstered by the integration of National Mallfront and Design (NMD), transitioning the brand to Jones Storefronts. This development will now give clients the benefit of an even broader product and service range, backed by the combined strengths of two industry leaders. For Todd Patrickus, Executive Vice President of Jones Sign, this development is a bold step forward. “Jones Storefronts brings alignment with our company’s vision towards the future. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the value we can bring to our clients.”

“We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the value we can bring to our clients.”

With experience across every element of a project, and an increasing service range, the company can now offer a uniquely comprehensive approach. Key stakeholders such as estimators and engineers are involved right from the start, collaborating with architects to finalize drawings, establish budgets, and determine the necessary materials and equipment. Proposals are then submitted, emphasizing the importance of knowledge gained during the initial stages to build strong client relationships. This early involvement ensures a solid foundation for successful project execution. “We may not be the low bidder on a project,” Myers acknowledges, “but generally speaking, a company prefers to select someone, like us, who has been part of the project planning team since the beginning.”

From there, a dedicated project manager is assigned to collaborate with the client throughout. Project managers play a crucial role in solving various challenges and ensuring on-time and within-budget delivery, especially critical for projects with tight timelines, such as sports venues. Jones Sign’s ability to handle multiple simultaneous projects, even under tight deadlines, showcases its resourcefulness and capacity to meet client needs efficiently. Acting as a central point of contact, the project manager can address issues, facilitate communication, and manage scope changes. This streamlined communication ensures clarity and efficiency throughout the project’s lifecycle. Sales teams contribute significantly by fostering and maintaining client relationships from project initiation to completion.

The manufacturing phase, meanwhile, places quality and safety as top priority. Jones Sign employs a structured manufacturing process, using cell-based manufacturing in Green Bay. This involves different stages of manufacturing in specific plant areas, ensuring precision in fabrication, painting, and detailing. Custom crates are then built to protect signs and architectural components during shipping. Jones’ team of employee installers are strategically located across the country and play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and accurate installation of the components on-site. Continuous reporting and approval processes guarantee adherence to specifications and quality standards.

Post-installation, the client is guaranteed peace of mind through a robust after-care service. Jones Sign remain available to address any issues and provide ongoing maintenance and cleaning. This full-spectrum approach, from early involvement to installation and beyond, highlights the company’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions while building enduring client relationships. For the entire team, safety and exceptional service are always top priorities. It is these values that have built the company’s impressive, century-old reputation. A legacy it hopes to continue building on for many more years.

When asked about the future of Jones Sign, Myers calls back to the past. “Obviously, the company’s been very successful to-date. In the next 3, 5, 10 years we hope to continue the path of innovation and growth so we can keep solving new challenges for our valued clients.”

She adds, “We want to retain our diverse and incredibly talented team within the Jones family of businesses. We value our employees and what they what they bring to the table with industry leading experience. Our people play an important role in being able to deliver on our innovation goals and continuing to nurture those relationships with our existing customers.

Want to learn more about Jones Sign’s diverse service offerings and how they may be able to support your next project? Visit their website.

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